Myton Hamlet, Warwick

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Warwick children's homes

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Myton Hamlet, Warwick


Ronald Douglas
Barry Marsden
Julie Mills 1954-1962
Michael Baker 1955-1962
John Baker 1955-1962
Dorothy Scaysbrook
Kathleen Scaysbrook
Nicky Cullen
Reggie Cooper
Yvonne Smith
Sheila Eyres
Michael Eyres
Henry Eyres


Ronald Smith
Tony Smith
Trevor Wright
Susan Asbury
Doreen Monger
Robert Phillips
Jimmy Collins
Rosemary Townsend
Margaret Townsend

Helen Davies
Martin Davies
Anne Golby
Christine Andrews
Maureen Andrews
Shirley Hutchings
Dawn Parrish 1969-1974
Dorothy Davis 1940-1951approx
Dorothy Davis pictures
Violet Whitehouse
Miss Fitzgerald
Miss Titley
Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Mr. Tunny (succeeded Mr. Allen)
Miss Chantry



Skating on the frozen canal (between Myton and Leamington), going to Warwick Borough school and also St Nicholas Church twice every Sunday. The ginger and white cat called Mickey Myton. Playing rounders down in the field by the pavilion. The hollow tree in the first field and the aeroplane cockpit that we played in by the allotments. Mr. and Mrs. Allen with their Pekinese dogs. The silver strips that were dropped from the planes during the war and the gas masks that had to be taken everywhere. Shows that we did on the lawns for the wounded soldiers.  Penny pocket money and the tuck shop at the home where we used to spend it. Traveling by coach to Dyffryn near Barmouth in Wales each year after the war for our annual camping holiday.  Penny entrance into Warwick Castle and the Brownies opposite the castle.
Dorothy Evans 1940-1951 approx

I remember Christmas Eve, and Santa going around the drive 3 times in his 'sleigh', before visiting each home with a pillowcase full of presents for every child.  Then church on Christmas morning - and 'pop' with our Christmas dinner.  I remember lots of lovely chocolate eggs at Easter, when the sun always seemed to be shining and I'd play marbles, or 2-balls with my friends.  I remember training for hours on the parallel bars at the back of home 6, and my first real kiss with Trevor Wright down by the pigswill buckets (how romantic eh!).  Lace up black shoes for school, and brown sandals in the summer.  Always having lots of friends to play with, and lots
of space to run around in.  The embarrassment of having to undress to my vest (at age 11/12) to undergo the annual physical, in the same room as the boys.  Emptying the laundry skips with the lovely clean clothes (I can smell them now).  I also remember nobody being REALLY interested in my school reports, even though I did exceptionally well and was usually top of the class, nobody ever hugging me, or kissing me goodnight- and a feeling of not being very important to anyone in particular!
Julie Mills 1953-54

Mr. Allen's holiday slide shows in 'the hall' - Watching TV on Sunday evenings in there - The pond - The river Avon where it met the then London-Birmingham train line - Picnics by the river and the wind-up gramophone - Sports day on the cricket ground, and the beer we'd 'extract' from the kegs next to the pavilion - Pram races around the driveway - The raw veggies we'd dig up and eat, plus the apples we'd scrump from our Warwick neighbours - The '27 miles' to Warwick Borough primary school and the 28 to church by the Warwick racecourse - The year a spark got into the fireworks box for a 'different' kind of display [1960?] - Our own garden plots and winning prizes - Holidays in Stalag . . erm, St. Mary's Bay, Kent - The 'nasty' lady in number 4 [Miss Mayfair?] and the 'angel' from Southam who replaced her [name?] - The Gooseberry patch, mmmmmm - Getting on the back of Snowy the cow - The big tree being cut down between homes 5 and 6 - The production of 'Ali Baba at a 'school' near Kineton - Air shows at Gaydon - Cubs in Leamington - Oken High school for boys . . . though I'd have preferred Beecham the girls school!  Fond memories in so many ways, but it was a hell that I wish could have been avoided.
John Baker 1955-1962

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Wharf Street, Warwick


Wanda Skinser
Tony Mills
Julie Mills 1953/54


A school picture of Dorothy Davis at age 8 in 1944.

Provided by Janet Evans, daughter of Dorothy Davis.


Photograph taken on the Myton Hamlet grounds circa 1940-50.

Provided by Janet Evans, daughter of Dorothy Davis.



You may remember that we used to punch the soft bark on this tree, but when there in May, 2004, I noticed the monument. Was it there back in the early 60's then?!

Myton Hamlet tree

Myton Hamlet homes 3 and 4

Homes 3 and 4 as they look today
. . . not an awful lot different actually

Well, I think this sign has been there since the place was built, so it's quite an elder statesman. Of course I used to hate to see it when returning from a day out with my Dad. Didn't we all?

Myton Hamlet sign


Found at
"In winter the children from Myton Hamlet Homes would pelt us cyclists with snowballs as we cycled to Myton School."
Mmmmm, it appears as those before my time set a high standard!

Found at
"I have a family - 3rd Cousins (all taken from parents as wards of state during the depression1930-38) and were accommodated by the Warwick Council. At least some of them were at Myton Hamlet."
This piece referring to the 30's makes one wonder when the children's homes were established in Warwickshire. Anyone know?

Found at
" . . . because he felt Savage over-reacted to the initial tackle, would not go quietly and seemed keen to continue the spat with the Welshman - Villa coach Stuart Gray eventually led the striker away in a straight-jacket and he spent the night at the Myton Hamlet home for wayward boys and girls."
I was amazed to find this in a search because it was a 'distorted' match report I'd concocted of Villa v Blues from March of 2003. I'd actually forgotten I had used a Myton Hamlet reference!


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