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Welcome to Myton Hamlet, Warwickshire County Council children's homes

Well, you'd be forgiven if you shudder when we say "Welcome back to Myton Hamlet Children's Home", but relax, those days are far behind all of us!

Actually, the main reason this site was established in May of 2004, was to find some overdue healing following our difficult starts in life, and to connect us once again to the friends that shared those years. 

It's safe to say unfortunately, that all of us that went through the Warwickshire County Council children's home system have carried unwanted baggage from those 'dark days' of our youth, but this is a 'safe place.' A place where you can communicate with others who went through the same system and can safely talk about the good and the bad, i.e., find old friends, or just get over the 'other' stuff.

Please bookmark the site and drop in occasionally, as it is expected that many of us will eventually find our way here including those who were in the Solihull, Rugby, Nuneaton and Meriden homes.

You can start by sending your details to the e-mail link below. If you can remember the names of others, even staff members, and maybe even pictures that have been scanned, it will all help build an informative and helpful site.

Warmest regards.

Julie Mills - Warwick, Solihull and Rugby - 1954 to 1966
John Baker - Warwick, Solihull and Nuneaton - 1955 to 1966


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Hello my name is Wendy Taylor.

I am trying to trace my grandparents, George and Hilda Baker. They left my mother (Joan Baker), and her twin sister (Margaret Baker) in a children's home at 23 Henry Street, Nuneaton, around 1935 to 1940.

I am now trying to find out more about my grandparents as they are not registered as dead. If anybody has any information at all please contact me via e-mail.

I would be so grateful as this means a great deal to me.

Hope to hear from someone soon!

Wendy Taylor


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